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About us
SPC Japanese College

SPC Japanese College is a Japanese language school headquartered in Australia.
There are government-certified English schools in Cairns and Brisbane, as well as in Europe, Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam. An international school for people who want to study a language with a support office.

Europe office

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Contribute to world peace of coexistence and co-prosperity by providing the best language education.


I believe that the first step in the big goal of world peace is to have a genuine interest in the other person and to greet them with a smile. The instructors and staff will serve as models for themselves, greet with a smile, and listen carefully to the other person's story, eliminating the barriers created by differences in language, culture, and values, and creating an environment where people can take on challenges without fear of failure. In addition, we will always keep an eye on world affairs and technological development, and by incorporating new technologies and curriculums, we will provide an environment where students can study optimally and comfortably.

History of SPC Group

-2001 Opened an English school (SPC Cairns) in central Cairns, Australia
-2003 Became an Australian nationally accredited school with CRICOS government registration
-2011 Moved to a new campus in Kewarra Beach, northern Cairns (student dormitory set up on campus)
-2017 Opened English School (SPC Brisbane) in downtown Brisbane, Australia
-2018 Opened Japanese Language School (SPC Nagoya) in Nagoya
-2020 Established English conversation department at SPC Nagoya school
-2021 Notification from the Ministry of Justice Received approval as a Japanese language educational institution "SPC Japanese College"

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