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Live, Love, Learn!

SPC Japanese College is a Japanese language school headquartered in Australia. The school is very easy to go to in the center of Nagoya, and there are Osu Kannon and famous shopping streets in the vicinity. You can enjoy your student life without getting bored even if you stay for a long time.

You can choose the course that is right for you from the abundant courses.

In addition to the lessons, SPC Japanese Collge's original self-study materials You can learn Japanese efficiently and firmly.


Face to Face classes


Online classes

Discover Japan 

Nagoya is located in the center of Japan, so you can easily enjoy traveling to various cities!

Mt. Fuji The tallest mountain in Japan.png


Living in Nagoya

There is also an English conversation school, so you can interact with many local Japanese people!

Activities with locals

Job hunting support

English teacher training

Student dormitory

There are many opportunities to easily interact with Japanese students in the English conversation class attached to the school and participate in the event together.

Professional staff will firmly support you in creating resumes and interview practice necessary for career counseling and job hunting.

You can also practice as an English teacher in the attached English conversation class, and receive polite advice from active teachers.

The dormitory includes meals and you can make friends with Japanese university students as well as attending a local university. Privacy is also ensured in a beautiful single room.


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